Dr. C & Elwood Talk About PTSD

ADHD expert Dr. Sam Caron is also an expert on PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was recently interviewed on Fox Television, and this is a video he produced for families of soldiers with PTSD.

A significant number of soldiers returning from war exhibit psychiatric symptoms even if they don’t have PTSD. It is not unusual for family members and friends to be the first ones to identify that something is wrong. They can tell that there’s a problem when they realize that the soldier no longer seems like the same person who originally went to war.

War changes everybody who experiences it, but soldiers with serious PTSD symptoms are not able to return to their normal lives. The symptoms fall into three categories: intrusive thoughts about the trauma, avoidance of things that remind them of the trauma, and symptoms of increased arousal. They drink too much, have nightmares, drive too fast, have trouble with family activities, can’t sleep, are easily startled, have trouble being in crowds, can’t concentrate, and can’t watch the news or movies or shows which remind them of the trauma. They think about traumatic experiences even when they don’t want to have those thoughts. Some have difficulty with anger control and others even become violent. Many have depression and anxiety symptoms. Their spouses are aware that they have changed significantly. Sometimes the spouses are afraid of them. It is not unusual for these soldiers to get divorced.

Unfortunately, soldiers are often reluctant to admit to themselves that they have a problem and to get treatment. They are often concerned that the PTSD will stigmatize them, make them look weak, lead to accusations that they are faking, or even end their military careers.

If you recognize that you, a loved one, or a friend might have symptoms, encourage them to obtain help now. Treatment can help them to go back to leading a more normal life. For more information, follow one of the links I have included.

For more information, visit:

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