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Sierra Vista, Arizona—October 5, 2002-Dr. Sam Caron, a Sierra Vista, Arizona, child psychologist, along with his puppet, Elwood, will return to Tokyo this November 24th to lecture and perform at the Japanese Ventriloquist Festival. Last November he conducted a workshop on using ventriloquism to counsel and educate young children at the first Japanese Festival, and in April 2002, he performed and lectured at the Vegas Ventriloquist Festival.

Regarding last year’s Tokyo appearance, Mr. Takeshi Ikeda, president of the Japanese Ventriloquist Association wrote Caron, “I appreciate your participation and a great workshop from the bottom of my heart. We Japanese ventriloquists were so impressed and moved by you….Thank you for your wonderful performance and your wonderful workshop.” Dr. Michiko Hara, pediatrician and special education professor at Gunma University stated, “We learned many many things from your wonderful lectures.”

Caron stated, “ When I originally combined my ventriloquism and psychotherapy skills, I did it to improve my counseling and never imagined that it would lead to me being on television, winning awards, and traveling all of the way to Tokyo. This year in addition to lecturing, I will be performing a Jewish themed program in the family show.”

Dr. Caron has been involved in TV production for almost 10 years. His therapeutic public service announcements on child abuse, molestation, stranger danger, and PTSD following 9/11 ran thousands of times on almost all of Tucson’s TV stations and were awarded the Arizona State HEMMY award for health education in the media and awards from public access television for excellence.

Along with his family and his puppets, Caron has also produced a series of 10 lessons designed to educate children and families about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The lessons combine ventriloquism, original songs, animation, magic, and humor to make learning about ADHD a fun experience for the entire family.

Dr. Caron is an Arizona State Licensed Psychologist who has been practicing in Sierra Vista for over 20 years. He has been a ventriloquist for nearly 50 years. For more information about Dr. Caron, his ADHD Family Curriculum, or to view The ADHD Song music video, go to or call him at (800) 993 - ADHD (2 3 4 3)

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