ADHD Medication and Children

Traditionally the only types of medications available for the treatment
of ADHD have been stimulants.
Currently, however, Strattera® has been
FDA approved.  I am frequently asked whether or not it is as effective
as the stimulants.  I have discussed this issue with my colleagues.

My conclusion is that the stimulants are still superior in controlling ADHD
Children who take stimulant medications appear to improve
their school work to a greater degree than those who take Strattera®.
I recommend that new patients be first tried on stimulants.

A recent study shows that children with ADHD who start on Strattera® are more
likely to change therapies. Strattera® has a black box warning from the
FDA identifying an increased risk for suicidal thought among children
and adolescents who take it.

If a child does not improve on the stimulants, a trial on Strattera®
might be appropriate.  I have also seen children who respond better to
Strattera® than to the stimulants.  You need to remember that every
child is different.  As a parent, you need to make the decision which is
in the best interest of your child.

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